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Young Living Essential Rewards: October 2014

Wow, this post is really late! Whoops! Here is my ER order for October! I got lots of great stuff as you can see. I just love experimenting with all the oils! Just wait until you see the November ER order.



I got lots of cool stuff as you can see. Here are some close ups of the Holiday Catalog shopping that I did. They had great mini-collections that I got. They have lots of great oils in them that I was wanting to try, such as Citrus Fresh, Eucalyptus Blue and Idaho Blue Spruce! My oily journey has just begun. I also got the Golden Touch I collection. This collection is supposed to be the best oils for the wintery months. What perfect timing! I cannot wait to try them.

20141021_202152 20141021_202044 20141021_202038 20141021_202033

I also got some other oils to use so I have personal testimonials.


I got cinnamon bark, nutmeg and orange for ordering over 190pv, I also got 10% back in reward points and a $20 voucher for the premium starter kit! I cannot wait to use the Deep Relief when my knee or neck gives me fits and you can never have enough Thieves around the house during the winter. I ordered Melrose for my very callused hands, I have a recipe that I want to try to help them heal faster after I tear them constantly doing pullups at IronCross Fit! And the lemongrass is for my knee as well. It’s supposed to help with meniscus pain. So we will see if they work!

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Advocare 24-Day Challenge: Day 13


Clyde has me up early on this Saturday morning! He is being very needy and impatient. Love him to death, but I could kill him for waking me up at 6am on a Saturday. Ha! Just kidding. Yesterday we had another killer workout. BUT I ran all of the running parts, 2 miles worth! GO ME! I haven’t done that in forever, I think it was before my knee injury. Advocare, massage therapy and Trevin’s amazing training are all pieces of the puzzle to success. It is great! Yesterday, a friend was doing Thursday’s awful workout, and she was going to do 95lbs for the push presses, I was over chatting with her and Trevin and I was like, hmm…wonder if I could pick this up? Not only did I pick it up but I did a perfect push press with it! BOOM! Who would’ve thought I could just lift 95lbs above my head like that! YEAH! Here is the recap:

Day 13
30 mins before breakfast – Watermelon Spark, MNS 3 Yellow Pack

Breakfast – Berry Meal Replacement Shake

Snack – Apple w/peanut butter

30 mins before lunch – MNS 3 Yellow Pack

Lunch – MNS 3 White Packs, Spaghetti & meatballs, salad w/ranch, breadstick

Snack – Mango Strawberry Spark

Dinner – OmegaPlex, Scrambled eggs, Aidell’s Roasted Garlic and Gruyere Sausage, Cauliflower

Snack – none

Bedtime – Catalyst

Crossfit – 4 rounds: 20 man maker burpees, 800m run (39:45)
Steps – 11,989 (7.0 miles)

I think I needed the carbs at lunch. I really need to be conscientious about carb consumption. I definitely cannot go low-carb. It’s awful. But I also don’t need them at every meal. It’s such a specific formula and day by day. I’m getting better at controlling my cravings. I think the sugar and coffee addictions are broken. Now to work on getting the formula right! Here goes nothing.

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Advocare 24-Day Challenge: Day 12


It’s finally Friday! Talk about a long week! So excited for a short one next week, thank you Thanksgiving! Yesterday we did a couple versions of FRAN. It was awful. I tore my hands open and everything. Ugh. I’m looking into some solutions for that. Other than that it was pretty low key. Just trying to get things ready for Sunday’s Christmas Bizarre. So if you are in the Baker, Montana area, come by the high school gym and see me! Here’s the recap:

Day 12
30 mins before breakfast – MNS 3 Yellow Packet, Mandarin Orange Spark

Breakfast- Berry Meal Replacement Shake

Snack – Banana

Lunch – Starbuck’s Hot Chocolate, Jimmy John’s Club Lulu (no mayo, no tomato, add avocado and cucumber)

Snack – Watermelon Spark

Dinner – Cube steak, butternut squash, broccoli

Snack – None

Bedtime – Catalyst

Crossfit – Round 1: 21-15-9 shoulder press (50lbs), pull ups, Round 2: 21-15-9 push press (65lbs), pull ups
Steps – 11,198 (5.8 miles)

Yesterday I totally stress ate JJ’s. Oops. I was just having a rough day. So that “helped”. Ha! Actually I think it was the milk in the hot chocolate that made me feel super crappy. Note to self. Don’t do dairy in large, drinkable quantities. Lesson learned. Hot tea it is if I need something warm to drink. Other than that the day wasn’t too bad. Went to bed early and everything!

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Advocare 24-Day Challenge: Day 11


Day 1 of the Max Phase! My favorite phase, it’s so much my favorite that I usually continue it after the challenge! The Max Phase is where you introduce your Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS), in my case, I am using MNS 3. MNS 3 is for total wellness. My mom, who is doing the challenge with me, is doing the MNS C. MNS C has more focus on appetite control and MNS E has more focus on increased energy. I chose MNS 3, because I need more of a balanced appetite and energy. It’s the best of both worlds. When talking to mom yesterday she said that she definitely had more energy, so that’s a definite plus!

Oh and Advocare just released a new flavor of Meal Replacement Shake for the Holidays, white chocolate peppermint! SAY WHAT?!?!? You know I’m going to be all over that!


So I got my hair done yesterday. I love it. We went darker, redder and shorter. I was in the mood for a change and this is what happened! Hahaha! Other than that nothing too exciting happened yesterday. I killed the ab workout, no breaks. Just move after move for 17:22!!! KILLED IT! I’m sure I’m going to be paying for this very soon.

New Hair

Here is the recap:

Day 11:
30 mins before breakfast – MNS 3 Yellow Packet, Mango Strawberry Spark

Breakfast – Berry Meal Replacement Shake (Berry is my favorite)

Snack – Boom Chicka Pop

Lunch – 2 shrimp tacos

Snack – Luna Caramel Nut Brownie Bar (emergency snack)

Dinner – Salad w/carrots, cucumbers, cottage cheese, ranch, greek marinated cucumber salad w/kalamata olives, pasta salad (herb & cheese), bacon bits, croutons

Snack – None

Bedtime – Catalyst

Crossfit – 5 rounds: 30 crossovers (20lbs), 10 slammers (20lbs), 30 leg lifts, 10 slammers (20lbs), 30 bicycle abs, 10 slammers (20lbs) in 17:22!!!!
Steps – 7,188 (ab day is not good for steps apparently)

We had a work lunch yesterday. I ordered the shrimp tacos with grilled shrimp. They were amazing and only about 190 calories per taco! SCORE! It was almost perfect until I was getting my hair done and I was starving. So I busted out my emergency bar to tide me over. It worked perfectly. I’ve learned that being prepared results in better choices. Because of that I looked at the restaurants menu ahead of time so I could decide what my plan of attack would be. I debated on a salad, but I knew I was still pretty burnt out on those, so I went for something still good for me, but not a salad! It worked out beautifully. The being prepared thing also worked later in the day when I got hungry again from the long day and I had a bar on hand to snack on. 180 calories is a pretty big snack, but that’s why I kept the salad simple. I’m learning!

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Advocare 24-Day Challenge: Day 10


We are done with the Cleanse Phase!!!! Hootie hoo!!! So exciting. Not that the Cleanse Phase is awful, I just prefer the Max Phase!

Yesterday, dad came over and helped seal up my new windows with spray foam. We are going to finish the inside trim work in January. You know AFTER I purchase everyone’s presents. Then I’ll be good to go! YAY! Other than that nothing too exciting happened. I finally was able to swing a 50lb kettlebell today, I haven’t done that since before my knee injury in May, and then I did a 60lb kettlebell for the sumo deadlifts. Fun stuff!!! Here is the recap:

Day 10:
30 Mins before breakfast – Watermelon Spark, Probiotic Restore Ultra

Breakfast – 2 eggs, Aidell’s Chicken Sausage Roasted Garlic & Gruyere

Snack – None

Lunch – Beef Stew (yes I’m still eating beef stew!)

Snack – None

Dinner – Bacon Cheeseburger, fries (WHOOPS!)

Snack – None

Bedtime – Catalyst

Crossfit – 15 min AMRAP: 20 lunges, 15 kettlebell swings (50lbs), 10 sumo deadlifts (60lbs)
Steps – 12,973 (6.7 miles)

Well it was finally not 20 million below zero so I could get out and walk at lunch and take Clyde out as well besides a short walk to the mailbox, though that’s kind of scary since there aren’t sidewalks or many streetlights in my neighborhood. So we will have to be careful to make sure we are dressed appropriately when doing that for now. Other than that not much to report. I need to add some healthy fats to my diet, like avocado, peanut butter and olive oil. I also don’t feel bad about the cheeseburger, honestly, it’s one meal out of 10 days. So yeah, guilt free! I’m still down my 5 pounds! WOOT WOOT!

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Advocare 24-Day Challenge: Day 9


It is a glorious day. I have heat again and my house was at 71 degrees when I got home yesterday. It was a huge improvement from the 40 it was at when the furnace guy showed up! YAY! I had a bit of a revelation yesterday as well, I don’t think I’m eating enough calories for my activity level. So that is another goal, to eat between 1500-1800 calories a day. I am down a total of 5 pounds and it’s all happened since I started eating more. I really did think that was a myth, apparently not. Your body gets kind of mad if you don’t feed it enough. Whoops. Lesson learned.

Other than the heat issues, there really wasn’t anything to exciting about yesterday. So here’s the recap!

Day 9:
30 Mins before Breakfast – Watermelon Spark, Probiotic Restore Ultra (2)

Breakfast – Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

Snack – None

Lunch – Jimmy John’s Club Lulu (no mayo, no tomoato, add cucumber and avocado)

Snack – None

Dinner – OmegaPlex, Cube Steak, Butternut Squash, Broccoli & Cauliflower

Snack – None

Bedtime – Catalyst

Crossfit – 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 air squats (12:22); Tricep workout – burnout on bands and tricep press, walk 1/2 mile
Steps – 9,378 (4.9 miles)

I was able to make it through 2 workouts yesterday with no problems. I’m thinking the lunch was exactly what I was needing. I’ll have to work on making a better lunch with more carbs I think. Food and exercise are so individual that it takes a lot of trial and error before you figure out exactly what works for you. I’m still on this journey, figuring it out day by day. I have to say I’m doing a helluva lot better on this challenge than my previous one. So there is always an upside. Also, this is 9 days without coffee, my major crutch! GO ME!

Are you interested in starting your own challenge? Let me know! Contact me at and we will get you on your way to healthier, happier self!

Advocare 24-Day Challenge: Day 8


Well this has been and interesting evening. My furnace went out last night and I cannot manage to get it relit. Hoping to get that accomplished today. It was 2 degrees at my house this morning, 51 inside. Not very warm at all. We shall see how it goes I suppose. Here is my recap from yesterday.

Day 8
30 minutes before breakfast – Mandarin Orange Spark, Probiotic Restore Ultra

Breakfast – P&C Fiber Drink, Sausage & Hashbrown Casserole

Snack – Apple Tart, Banana

Lunch – Jerky, Boom Chicka Pop (popcorn, 35 calories a cup!)

Snack – None

Dinner – OmegaPlex, Chili, cornbread

Snack – None

Bedtime – Catalyst

Steps – 6,857

Well things are going good. We were traveling back from the cabin and for traveling I did pretty well food wise. Everyone got fountain pops and food at the gas station and I stuck with my Boom Chicka Pop, jerky and water. Go me! YAY! Though I did venture away from the plan some, I’m still doing well. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not eating enough regularly. I had lost 2 pounds since I left for the cabin! WHAT?!?! That’s crazy talk. So I may need to up my calorie intake to be sure.


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