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Decision Fatigue

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Question Mark

I ready this really awesome article on Mark’s Daily Apple. It really resonated with me. I’ve been telling people for quite a while that I get overwhelmed easily if I have choices. I will spend months trying to decide things and either decide or forget it all together. I’m a nightmare to go shopping with because I cannot make up my mind if there are any choices. I hadn’t really put much thought into this until I read Mark’s post today. I have decision fatigue.

This weekend was a prime example of my decision making, or lack thereof. I needed to make the decision of whether or not to paint the paneling in my laundry area and hallway. Now mind you, the paneling doesn’t look bad so it’s not necessary. I spent all day Saturday trying to decide if I would go to the store to get the primer to start the process. In the end, nothing ended up painted, including the half wall that needs to be painted. I have decided to leave the paneling and just paint the half wall, but it was such an exhausting process that I ended up paralyzed on the subject.

The other thing that I have personally noticed with this decision fatigue is when I find something that works, I stick to it. I will eat the same thing for breakfast every day if that means I don’t have to decide what to eat. AdvoCare has made that easy with Meal Replacement Shakes, but when I do the 24-Day Challenge and those first 10 days I get to pick what I eat, I’m toast. I do the same thing with dinner, some nights I don’t eat, simply because I cannot decide. It’s very real thing. I really liked in the article when he talks about how many decisions we make without realizing it. This is what the article says:

“You get up in the morning, brush your teeth, wash your face, trudge to the kitchen for something warm and stimulating to drink, and find yourself awash in decisions that must be made.

Coffee or tea? Coffee.

Single-origin microlot Guatemalan light roast or organic instant French roast? Single origin.

French press or Chemex pour over? French press.

Bulletproof coffee, Primal egg coffee, black, or heavy cream? And so it goes. By the time we decide what to wear, which route to take the dogs on their morning walk, whether to eat for breakfast, what to eat for breakfast, whether to bike or drive to the office, whether to dive right into work email or mess around on Facebook, where to go for lunch, we’re exhausted. And by the end of the day, we’re making poorer choices. The cookies at the checkout line are harder to resist. Take-out sounds better than cooking dinner. Vegging out in front of the TV beats Scrabble with the spouse. If we get around to working out, we probably won’t go as hard or last as long. The infinite freedom of endless options has degraded our ability to make good decisions and exercise self-control.”

This really hit home to me. No wonder I cannot make decisions! I’m too exhausted. I encourage all of you to read the article at Mark’s Daily Apple and see if this is you and how you can improve your decision making.

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BarkBox: November 2014

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barkbox logo

No idea why this never got published! Here you go! Sorry it’s so late!

Clyde’s BarkBox was pretty cool this month! Clyde got his first bullystick ever and LOVED it! Yay! I’m super excited about the toys and the Turducken treats! So many cool things! Here’s what the box contained:DSC_0077DSC_0079

Petmate Chef Heggies - Stuffed hedgehog created by Petmate just for BarkBox.
Feelgood Treat Company Slow Roasted Rosemary Turducken (Oat + Rice) – The poultry trifecta of treats! Made with turkey, duck, and chicken.
Barkworthies Junior bully Stick - Made with 100% beef bladder! Pups find them long lasting and delicious. No chemicals or preservatives are used, making them a clear winner over other chews like rawhide.
PetSafe Squeak ‘n Treat Booya - This treat dispensing toy from PetSafe helps extend meal time into playtime! Squeaky and durable for heavy chewers, you can cut the prongs inside to adjust the difficulty of treat extraction and extend playtime even longer.
Diggin Your Dog Charki-O’s - Charki-O’s have been known to cause addiction…to more Charki-O’s! These freeze-dried beef trachea treats are topped with liver sprinkles and are paw-licking good.DSC_0080

So far Clyde has loved the bully stick, it was gone in like 10 minutes! And the hedgehog he has been throwing around the livingroom and the Booya treat toy is puzzling him. Check out the pictures from BarkBox day!

DSC_0084 DSC_0085 DSC_0088 DSC_0090

I was not paid or sponsored to write this post. I have not been compensated in anyway to write this post. All opinions are my own.

Advocare Coffeccino Review

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When I quit drinking coffee this is what I would drink to quell the need for a hot drink on a cold morning. Let me tell you, we had some freezing mornings! -10 is not fun to wake up to, but it sucked a little less drinking a nice, warm cup of Coffeccino! Now some mornings I still drink coffee, some mornings I drink Spark, some mornings I drink Coffeccino.

Okay, on a real level, I’m obsessed with Revenge, the show, not the concept. I just cannot get enough of Emily Thorne and her bag of tricks. I watched all the seasons on Netflix and I’ve considered looking into what’s available on Hulu. Yikes. That’s a real addiction right there!


So, as I finish binge watching Revenge, I’ll sip some Coffeccino and have a perfect morning.

Are you interested in signing up for Advocare? Do you need more energy? How about a jump start on your weight-loss goals? Contact me at

Young Living Essential Oils: December 2014 Essential Rewards Order

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Young Living Essential Oils: December 2014 Essential Rewards Order

The Special as you recall for December 2014 was 190PV 5-ml Vetiver essential oil, 250PV 10% back in ER points and 5-ml Vetiver essential oil, and 300PV Treasure of the Season essential oil blend, 10% back in ER points and 5-ml Vetiver essential oil. I did not place a large enough order for any of the specials.

Here is my order:
Valor (2)
Deep Relief Roll-On
Product Catalogs (10)
Diffuser Necklace
Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil
2014 Roll-On Collection (Breathe Again & Stress Away)

I have some shows coming up in 2015 that I am trying to build inventory for, that’s why I keep ordering Valor and Deep Relief. Those two are really popular oils that serve so many ailments for people. I’d like to have enough in stock by the time I do my first show. Those essential oil blends also have order restriction, so there’s that as well.


I am really excited to try the Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil as well. I’ve noticed my legs and butt haven’t been looking as good as they should so I’m hoping this helps out some as well! I will keep you posted on my progress with it.

I got the diffuser necklace so that I can have the oils with me all day. I’m hoping that Stress Away and Grounding will be good for me in the necklace to help me manage my emotions better. Little goals for 2015, manage stress and emotions better.

I can’t wait to place the order for January! Can you believe we are about to head into the New Year? Doesn’t seem possible.

January 2015 Essential Rewards Promotion

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Look at these great rewards for January!


If you are interested in signing up with Young Living let me know! Distributor #1702931 (Sponsor/Enroller)

Happy New Year 2015!

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Happy 2015 from A Girl and her Corgi


From A Girl and her Corgi


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