Sober October

Sober October Day 29 & 30

Man, traveling without coffee is hard! Especially with crappy hotel sleep and sitting through meetings. But I got through it and tomorrow I’ll get to have that glorious first cup of coffee! I cannot wait. I’m on my way home now. Sorry for the missed post yesterday, the day got away from me. We finished up our meeting and then went on a field trip. I love to see what we do actually bringing water to people who need it. It’s one of the best parts of the job!


Breakfast – Eggs, biscuit and gravy, Celestial Apple Cinnamon tea
Snack – none
Lunch – TBLTA Frybread sandwich, fries
Dinner – Brisket, corn on the cob, Mac and cheese
The sandwich was amazing. I’m sad I didn’t get a picture of it to show you guys. It was a turkey BLT with avocado on fry bread. It was incredible.


Breakfast was eggs and biscuit and gravy. Lunch was a bbq burger and fries. Dinner was a salad and potato soup.


Walk for 22 minutes.

Spending Total $
Due to traveling I haven’t added it up yet.

Sober October

Sober October Day 28

I spent yesterday traveling to Albuquerque for work. The travel went smoothly but my diet was pretty crappy! It was a little crazy to travel without coffee. I’ve learned that’s a habit of mine, and I’m not sure how good that is. Ha! We had some really good Mexican food at Sadie’s last night but it was so much food! I’ve also been reading a great book called “Ishmael”. It’s a book that truly makes you think about how you are living and treating the earth. I would recommend.

Breakfast – Celestial Peppermint tea, breakfast burritos
Snack – Cinnamon Roll
Lunch – Mushroom swiss burger & fries
Dinner – Taco and chalupa with potatoes and beans

No workout

Spending Total $
$4 McDonalds for burritos.
I spent more traveling. I don’t have it recorded at the moment.

Sober October

Sober October Day 26 & 27

We survived the last weekend of Sober October! We are so close. 4 more days. It was tough though. We are both wanting some coffee, but we are this close that we will make it through Thursday. I hope. I am traveling this week, so that will be interesting without caffeine. I don’t think I’ve been to a 2-day meeting without coffee. So here we go. We will see. This weekend we worked out on Saturday in the snow, I rucked with 30lbs and Matt ran for 90 minutes. It was good, but man, rucking is hard! I was shot by the end of it. It will be nice to have a couple of rest days as I travel. Saturday night we carved pumpkins with my family and had dinner. It was really fun. Just a really great, but very busy weekend seeing family and friends.

Breakfast – Chocolate Chip RX Bar, Celestial Apple Cinnamon tea
Snack – None
Lunch – Leftover brisket & sausage with eggs and toast
Snack – cookie dough blizzard
Dinner – Pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans

Breakfast – Cookie crisp cereal w/milk, Bigelow Mint Medley tea
Snack – none
Lunch – Breakfast poutine, chicken club sandwich, buffalo tots
Dinner – PB honey toast

3.89 mile ruck w/30lbs

Spending Total $34.10
Gas $34.10

Sober October

Sober October Day 25

Yesterday was a long day, but good. It got us to the weekend. Matt decided to have a meat feast for dinner, it was perfect. Yesterday was also the first time I truly picked up a barbell since my hiatus, that was great, but humbling as well. Definitely need to get back into that, but I’m loving the results from the cardio. Choices.

Breakfast – Bigelow Mint Medley Tea, Chocolate cherry RX bar
Snack – chips
Lunch – Pizza
Dinner- Blues BBQ (ribs, brisket, sausage)
We had pizza provided to us at work today! Hooray for impromptu get togethers!

4 sets of 12- hip thrusts, mace around the world, snatch grip sumo high pull, push press w/eccentric emphasis, pushups. Then 2 sets of 20 monster walks and quad hip adductors. Then walk for 65 minutes.

Spending Total $0

Sober October

Sober October Day 24

You guys! We have 1 week left! 1 WEEK! I’m so excited for that first cup of coffee next Friday. This is the last weekend and next week I’ll be traveling. So that will be interesting. I usually binge on caffeine when traveling because of the lack of sleep in a hotel and sitting through meetings for 1.5 days. So it will definitely be a test of will. Hope you guys have a great weekend! What are your plans?

Breakfast – Celestial Vanilla Honey Chamomile Tea, sausage egg biscuit
Snack – Buffalo chicken dip w/chips
Lunch – Leftover enchiladas, chocolate covered raisins
Dinner – Salad, chicken sandwich, broccoli salad, spice cake

6 rounds:
200m run
200m row
200m ski
I finished in 24:26.
This was a quick workout and a burner, but my cardio is definitely improving. First of all, I probably never would’ve picked this workout a year ago. Secondly, I never would’ve done it that quick. So I’m definitely happy with how I’m progressing, I may even pick up a barbell today! OH!

Spending Total $4
McDonald’s $4. I forgot my breakfast yesterday. I need to bring a few RX bars to work to stash in my desk.

Sober October

Sober October Day 23

Yesterday was a long day. I was up early and made it to work 15 minutes early. It really made for a long day. Today is going to be long as well, even though I didn’t wake up early, I have a busy night of lashes and bible study. So that’s fun. How are you doing?

Breakfast – Celestial Vanilla Honey Chamomile Tea, Chocolate hazelnut RX Bar
Snack – Buffalo chicken dip w/chips
Lunch – Leftover chicken enchiladas, Halloween candy
Dinner – Leftover enchiladas (1/2 serving), cinnamon sugar toast
I definitely need to break the sugar addiction. It needs to go. Hopefully today is better.

5 Rounds:
Ski 400m
40 crunches
40 mountain climbers
40 bicycle abs
This turned into a burner real quick. Ooftah. After the workout I walked for 35 minutes. I only need to close my move ring at 200% one more day in October. I’m hoping that day will be Friday, but we shall see.

Spending Total $0
HECK TO THE YES! I love zero spend days.

Sober October

Sober October Day 22

Yesterday was a trying day. There’s just a lot of things going on with trying to sell my old house, the car went in for an oil change and needs some repairs (covered by warranty thank goodness!) and it was just an overall busy day. I was able to channel that energy into my workout and ended up pretty satisfied with myself. I’m getting more and more comfortable with pushing my cardio limits. You see, I’ve never liked being uncomfortable with cardio, so I don’t push it until I can’t breathe usually. I’m learning to get more comfortable with the feeling and in return I’m seeing bigger gains, which heck yes! Hopefully today is a bit better on the emotions.

We also had atrocious wind last night. The weather has been insane in Montana this year from the cool, wet summer to the hail storms in August to snow in September and now crazy winds. Really it’s just out of control. Who knows what to expect this winter, but based on the rest of the year, it probably won’t be ordinary.

Breakfast – Bigelow Mint Medley Tea, Chocolate Chip RX Bar
Snack – Buffalo chicken dips w/chips
Lunch – Leftover beef ribs & carrots, Halloween candy
Dinner – Leftover enchilada, chocolate chip cookie
I have got to get this sweet tooth under control. I think it’s really hindering any progress right now. I’m not sure if I’m substituting sugar for caffeine at this point or what the deal is. But I need to get it figured out.

10 min AMRAP:
10 calorie row
10 box jumps @20″
10 no touch burpees
Rest 2 minutes
3 rounds
I finished 4 rounds every 10 minutes for a total of 12 rounds.
Walk for 20 minutes.

Spending Total $42.77
Amazon $42.77 for RX Bars.

Sober October

Sober October Day 21

I’m really ready for November. We are in the home stretch of Sober October so there’s no quitting now, but I’m really looking forward to November. Yesterday wasn’t bad, it was a typical Monday. Kind of busy and exhausting. At lunch I ran a bunch of errands, and then ran a few more after my workout. Then went home and made dinner and passed out by 8pm. Yep. I’m that cool. I was exhausted, so going to sleep was essential. I slept pretty much to my alarm, which tells me just how tired I really was.

Breakfast – Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea, Chocolate Cherry RX Bar
Snack – buffalo chicken dip & chips
Lunch – Super Potato Oles
Snack – Pirouette Cookies
Dinner – White chicken enchiladas
The enchiladas were amazing. I got the recipe here. I modified it slightly and used this dip I had gotten and we decided it wasn’t very good as a dip but would be amazing in enchiladas. Turns out we were absolutely correct! The dip was Stonemill three cheese with jalapeno. It was so good, but so filling. I had 1 and was full. So I definitely have lunch and dinner for the rest of the week and I must save one for Matt (per his request).

20min AMRAP:
5 ring rows
10 kettlebell swings @35lbs
15 pushups
20 crunches
I finished about 10 rounds.
Walked for 45 minutes.
This workout was a good little burner. My legs are still quite tired from running the 5k. It’s hard to imagine that a race will take that much out of you, but it can if you run hard.

Spending Total $29
Walgreens $7
Taco Johns $6
Target $16
The TJ’s was good, but not worth it. It was a weak spot in my lunch time, getting frustrated. I should’ve just came back and ate my lunch, but I’m human. Ugh. Struggles you guys.

Sober October

Sober October Day 19 & 20

What a busy, exhausting weekend. I cannot believe we are almost done with Sober October. We are officially 2/3 through the month. We realized it wasn’t too hard until you go out with friends. We had dinner for a birthday party on Friday and then went out for brunch on Saturday and it was really hard not to order coffee or a mimosa! We have one more weekend to get through and then we can enjoy that first cup of glorious coffee. I. CAN’T. WAIT. Anyway, we ran a 5k on Saturday. Matt won with a time of 17:45 and I ran in 31:50 a personal best. I do want to get my 5k time under 30 minutes and it looks like I’m working my way to that speed. After the race we were so exhausted we decided to try the little Asian place up the street from my house. It wasn’t that great. It wasn’t terrible but not great. It was a pretty low key weekend otherwise.

Breakfast-chocolate hazelnut RX bar, Vanilla Honey Chamomile tea.
Lunch-corned beef hash w/eggs and toast.
Dinner-pork lo mein, egg rolls

Pre-Breakfast – Egg McMuffin
Breakfast – steak, bacon
Lunch – None
Snack – Cinnamon Sugar toast
Dinner – Buffalo Chicken Dip w/chips

5k+street mile. 5k finish in 31:50, street mile 8:40.

Spending Total $90
Chinese $23
McDonalds $8
Albertsons $59

Sober October

Sober October Day 18

Yesterday was a hard day. I wasn’t prepared for lunch, I got to work 20 minutes early, talked myself out of breakfast burritos, and then had a super late dinner for a friends birthday. But that’s okay! Celebrating with friends is what it’s all about.

Breakfast – Bigelow Mint Medley Tea, chocolate hazelnut RX bar
Snack – None
Lunch – Bacon cheeseburger, fries
Dinner – calamari, spare ribs, fries, carrots

Recovery-basically a yoga routine for stretching and getting ready to run.

Spending total $65
Commons $54
Lunch $11