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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Clyde’s First Barkbox

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A few weeks ago I decided to order Clyde a BarkBox. I thought what the heck, maybe it will be a fun new way for Clyde to try some new things! I have to say I’m quite impressed with what came in the box.

barkbox logo

JW Pet Super-Tough Megalastomer, Megalast Ball
Quaker Pet Group-Hear Doggy! Ultrasonic Toy, skunk
Riley’s Organics-Peanut Butter & Molasses Large Bones
Mr. Barksmith’s-Carrot Cake Smoothie
Complete Natural Nutrition-Smoky Beef Dog Treats

April BarkBox

So far Clyde is completely fascinated by the skunk ultrasonic toy. It’s kind of nice to not hear the squeaking of the toy while he pushes and pushes the squeaker. I don’t know if he can actually hear it or not, but hey, if he’s happy I’m happy.

20140424_184920 (2) 20140424_184924 (2)

I also gave him one of the peanut butter and molasses bones, he seemed to really enjoy that as well. I think this might be a really good investment for Clyde! And for only $30 per month it’s not too hard on the pocketbook either!

Have you tried the BarkBox? What do you think? Any other fun or exciting dog things you do for your dog or pet? I get told all the time that I spoil Clyde. Well he’s my furbaby and I’ll spoil him if I want to!


April’s Naturebox

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Every month I get a NatureBox. It is a box filled with 5 different snacks. There is the option to choose your snacks, however, I choose to be surprised. I love it. It forces me to try things that I would’ve never tried because I thought I didn’t like them. The great thing about NatureBox is all the snacks are nutritionist approved. Click here for more information on their snacks. They also have a gluten free option and a vegan option. Here’s to hoping they offer a paleo version soon.


This months contents were: (Add descriptions of the snacks)
Cranberry Almond Bites – Tart cranberries and crispy rice
Poppy Seed Sticks – sesame sticks with poppy seeds
Apple Pie Oat Clusters – apple oat clusters
PB&J Granola – peanut butter granola with dried fruit
South Pacific Plantains* – plantain chips with sea salt

Well I just got the box on Tuesday and the Cranberry squares are already gone. They were amazing. They tasted just like dry cereal. I always give out samples to people I’m around too. Everyone was raving about them. I also tried the pb&j granola, it’s peanut butter granola with dried fruit. I really like it, however, it is very filling. I was just eating it dry as a mid-morning curb the hunger snack. It definitely worked.

So sorry I forgot to snap a picture of the box when it arrived. I’ll try to do better for the May box and the new snacks!

I have not tried the other snacks just yet, but I will do an update post to let you know how they are. Just a quick little note, these snacks are not all paleo approved, obviously with the peanut butter granola (oats & pb=not paleo), but some months I get more paleo snacks than others.

Do you get a NatureBox? What are you guys snacking on lately? Any good boxes like this or are you a prepare your own kind of person? Are there any good snacks at the grocery store that you’ve been picking up?

*Paleo approved snacks

**I was not paid or perked by NatureBox to review their products, actually they probably don’t even know I wrote this post.

Quick Paleo Dinner

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Last night I wasn’t really feeling the whole cooking thing. I really struggle with the motivation after going to the store for some reason. However, last night I would not allow myself to give into temptation and get pizza slices at Lucky’s Market. They have amazing pizza, but it’s most definitely not Paleo. So…Lucky’s weekly ad had pork sirloin chops on sale as well as some asparagus. I think you can see where this is going. So for dinner last night I made the pork chops, asparagus, and a baked sweet potato.

Let me just say it was AMAZING. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to realize the simplest meals are usually my favorite. Here is a picture of what I had, YUM!

20140423_180625 (3)

So it just goes to show that a meal can be pretty quick, maybe not as quick as a drive thru or picking up pizza at the store, but it was still pretty painless to throw a couple potatoes in the oven and a couple chops on the stove. I got some good Netflix watching in while the food was cooking and of course that is also relaxing, in my world.

Recipe aka Dinner Prep:
1. Preheat oven to 425
2. Wash up 2 sweet potatoes
3. Stab the potatoes all over
4. Place on a foil lined baking sheet
5. Bake for 30 minutes
6. Turn the potatoes and bake an additional 30 minutes
7. Place the pork chops in a fry pan on the stove over medium heat
8. Cook until the chops are no longer pink in the middle
9. Wash the asparagus
10. Bend until one snaps, to be a guide for where to cut the rest of the bunch
11. Cover in olive oil, salt and pepper
12. Place in the oven with the sweet potatoes when there are 10 minutes remaining
13. EAT!

Just a quick note on Lucky’s Market here in Billings. It has been a wonderful addition to the grocery stores here. We have been sorely lacking when it comes to affordable places to get great produce and other Paleo items. I’ve been able to find almost everything I’ve looked for there, including, ghee, Enjoy Life chocolate chips, coconut oil and organic produce. Another huge plus about Lucky’s is they have double ad Wednesdays. So I try to make my lunch/dinner menu based on the ads for the week. It works out pretty well so far.

Clyde had his normal turkey and sweet potato dry dog food. I don’t think he’s impressed. Oh well what’s a girl to do?

Have you guys ever made a super easy dinner that helped you realize it’s not so bad to cook for yourself? What drives you to avoid the drive thru or the deli counter at the store? Have you in the Billings area tried Lucky’s yet?

Sore Muscles and Essential Oils

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I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! I know I did. I spent the day with family, friends and the hounds. It was a really good day. I thought I would share with you today what I use for sore muscles from a tough workout. Yesterday was an example of a tough workout, well more like too many days off between workouts plus eating holiday food!

Skyler's Sore Muscle Blaster

Within minutes I start to feel better and the next morning is not nearly as rough as not using anything. I prefer to use the oils over any other chemicals. I was diagnosed with an ulcer my last years of college and since then I have had to be careful with my intake of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. I have found that the essential oils are a great way to not flare my ulcer.

I only use Young Living essential oils. They are the only oils I trust, however, if you prefer something else I’m sure there is something similar that you can use from that company. Member Number 1702931


How did you guys spend your Easter? Did you do anything fun? Any Easter Bunny sightings?

This information is for education purposes only. These statements are not verified by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.