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Corgi Shedding

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Is there anything that sheds like a corgi? I mean really truly? Clyde has officially started blowing his coat and there is fur everywhere!!!! I think it’s even an understatement to say everywhere. Clyde got his bath on Sunday and I have to say it must have loosened up all of the hair just waiting to come out! Holy cow! He’s already been brushed twice and it looks like a fur-snow shower all over the lawn.

However, when you see this face how can anyone really get mad or even annoyed? Gosh he’s adorable!

20140427_141600 (2) 20140427_141549 (2)

What do you guys use to handle shedding? Clyde’s regimen is to be brushed and brushed again. He gets baths, but I really try not to give him those very often because I don’t want to dry out his skin. Some family friends of mine give their dog a raw egg with his food every morning and they have noticed a significant drop in shedding for them. I learned before I even got Clyde that corgis shed 24/7/365. There’s no “season” there are just certain times of the year that it is worse than others.

I sweep and vacuum my house about once a week or right before people are going to be coming over. I realize that not everyone has a dog and appreciates the fur from having an indoor dog. So I try to be courteous of that fact. What about you guys? Do you guys take any special precautions before people come over? Do you have a special regimen you put your furbaby through to control the shedding?


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