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Puppy Play Date – Phipps Park

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Clyde had a play date on Friday! He loved it! We went to a park here in Billings, called Phipps Park. It’s north of town by the Ironwood Subdivision. It is awesome. The dogs can run their little hearts out. There is a trail to hike and a folf course as well.

Clyde went out to play with his friends Jack, Debo, and Sheena. They had a great time running round chasing each other. Plus, it’s always wonderful when Clyde gets energy burnt off to sleep through the night. I love it. It is so important for the dogs to socialize! So I try to take Clyde at least to the dog park once a week. He really enjoys that as well as long as the dogs like to run. Clyde may have 6-inch legs but he LOVES to run. So big dogs are his thing so he can chase them. It’s so cute to watch.

Here’s some pictures from our last play date.

20140425_181624 (2) 20140425_181611 (2) 20140425_181507 (2) 20140425_181451 (2) 20140425_181348 (2) 20140425_181343 (2) 20140425_181341 (2) 20140425_181822 (2)

The other benefit to Phipps is that the trails are hilly, now after doing my IronCross Fit workout for Friday, I wasn’t having the best time with the hills, but it was totally worth it. One of these days we will hike the whole trail! It’s so beautiful out there too. Perfect backdrop for a puppy photo shoot!

What do you do to get your furbabies exercise and socialization? Do you take them to a dog park? Do you schedule puppy play dates?


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