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A Week in Denver

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Well I was in Denver last week for work. It was a great training and I was actually sad it was over. However, I ate like CRAP. I hate when I do that and am conscious of my decisions. That’s what really sucks. Anyway, I started out fairly well, knowing that since I was eating out for 3 meals a day I would probably not be able to be strict paleo. Well, yeah, that backfired on me right away.

The first night we had dinner at the Yardhouse in the Colorado Mills Mall. It was so good! We had onion rings as an appetizer, with Blue Moon Beer. Then I ordered a shrimp rice bowl. It was amazing. It was rice covered in stir fried vegetables and rice. YUM! See for yourself:

20140428_185930 (2) 20140428_191028 (2)

Tuesday, I grabbed breakfast at the hotel. Starbuck’s white chocolate mocha and a thing of oatmeal. Nothing too exciting. For lunch however, we went to Five Guys. I’ve never been there. Wow. Those fries were pretty darn tasty! I have to say I was pretty smitten with Five Guys. In addition to the fries (which we split between 3 of us) I had a Little Bacon Cheeseburger. Not the best choice sure, but oh well. It could’ve been worse. I could’ve gotten the regular version and not shared fries! So HA! Then for dinner that night we had Rio Grande, a Mexican place downtown. Well that was pretty amazing as well. I ordered chicken fajitas, one of my favorite things in the world. I only had one tortilla and didn’t eat my rice or beans. Hey, look a pretty much success. YAY!

Wednesday, I went to the Einstein Brothers Bagels that we had discovered during lunch the previous day. Yeah I know, bagels are not paleo! I did get a ham and egg bagel sandwich on an  everything bagel and a large coffee with cream and sugar. Yep, it was delicious. Then for lunch we went to Pei Wei, a faster version of P.F. Changs. It was really good too. I got a chicken noodle bowl. YUM. However, when we were eating I seen they had lettuce wraps. I was so disappointed. I would’ve totally had that instead. Ooops! Fail. After the training, I met a friend at mmm…coffee! A paleo bistro. We got almond lattes because we chickened out on getting bulletproof coffee. Dang. Then we went to Trader Joe’s where I stocked up on dried apples and pineapples. We were on a search for coconut butter, failed there, but finally found some at Whole Foods. Success! Then we met up with some more people at Washington Park Grille. I had a buffalo burger with mozzarella cheese and a brioche bun and a side of fries. YUM! Then it was off to bed for the night.

Thursday, I again went to Einstein Brothers Bagels but this time I just got an everything bagel with plain cream cheese and a large coffee with cream and sugar. Then we went to Which Wich for lunch where I had a club sandwich (ham, turkey, bacon) on wheat bread with lettuce, onion, cucumber, avocado, and spicy ranch. I cannot help myself when it comes to spicy ranch. I love the stuff. Then after training was over, we decided to go to mmm…coffee! again and this time we did it, we got bulletproof coffee. I think that was the highlight of my trip. Seriously. I never thought I would have enjoyed coffee with butter and MCT oil. But it was seriously the best coffee EVER. I’m convinced I need to start making it at home, it was that good. I also picked up a small tub of their granola. YUM! Then for dinner we went to Village Inn. It’s a tradition when I’m in Denver that Rachel (my BFF) and I go to Village Inn. I had the fried shrimp dinner with a salad w/ranch, honey glazed carrots and fries. It was delicious. Then it was time to say goodbye. Sad face.

The trip home was good. I was super nervous about getting to the airport, returning the rental car and security. So I left the hotel at 715am. My flight did not leave until 1109am. Yep, I was super early. That’s ok though, it gave me time to get a white chocolate mocha and a cheese danish and do some serious walking around the airport. Woo! Now I’m back to the grind. I can say it was nice to have a week out of the office, but it sure is nice to be home!



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