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Weekend Breakfast

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This last weekend I made a super yummy breakfast! I got some breakfast sausage from the butcher at my local grocery store and decided that I would make deconstructed breakfast burritos! Why not?! The tortillas are usually high in calories and well since I’m mostly paleo, they are not very paleo friendly, so the decision was pretty easy. Now, this isn’t totally paleo and depending on where you read it may not be very paleo at all, but that’s okay by me.

So I fried up the breakfast sausage, potatoes and eggs. Then I topped it with cheddar cheese and salsa. It was great! The best part is that I have breakfast for the entire week. I split all the leftovers into 5 containers. I’m so excited to have a breakfast to grab and go on the way out of the house in the mornings.

Weekend Breakfast Hash

Weekend Breakfast Hash

I usually cook a bigger breakfast on the weekends. It’s kind of my thing. I really enjoy taking the time to make a breakfast and savoring every bite while watching crap TV and drinking a cup of coffee. It definitely is the way to start the weekend off right. Then reality sets in and you have to do laundry, clean the floors, pick up the rooms, etc. It’s a never ending cycle.


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