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Greening Up the House

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Slowly I have been trying to green up my house in several ways. I have been taking my time greening my house up. It all started with a Norwex party that I attended about a year ago. It showed me that we don’t need all the chemicals to make our homes clean and free of germs and bacteria. At that Norwex party I purchased my first Enviro Cloth and a set of dryer balls.

The Enviro Cloth is probably the best cleaning cloth I own. It gets my kitchen counters and glass-top stove so clean. Way better than any chemical spray and wash cloth have ever done. I clean and clean and clean with that cloth. It is truly amazing how wonderful it works.

Secondly, the dryer balls were also a great purchase. They have managed to cut my drying time in half! I could not believe how adding something so simple, such as, dryer balls would make such a great improvement. I also cut out my use of fabric softener at this stage. I had done a few loads without fabric softener just to see if I could tell the difference. As it turns out, there was no difference! Great! Another chemical I can cut out of my house and my life. I did another green thing and gave the remaining fabric softener to my mom and told her she should give not using fabric softener a try!

So with the success of the cloth and the balls, I decided to up my Norwex collection and host a party myself. From my party I was able to get the bathtub scrubbing mitt, the dusting mitt, and the mop set. They have been great additions as well. The dusting mitt makes it super easy to dust around the house before someone comes over AND it also means no more Swiffer dusters in the trash/landfill. Great. More green points for me!

The mop is really nice as well. The dry cloth picks up Clyde’s hair very well. I don’t use the wet cloth very often, as I have a Shark Steam Mop.

Norwex Laundry Soap

Norwex Window Cloth

Norwex Scrubbing Corner Cloth

Norwex  Kitchen Scrub Cloth

Norwex Ordour Eliminator

At Christmas I asked for glass storage containers so I could donate my plastic containers. I was starting to get freaked out with all the things I was reading online about heating the plastic in the microwave, which is a necessity when you work in an office, so I wanted to make the switch. Luckily, on Black Friday they had a great deal on them and I picked up one set and I got another set for Christmas Day. I figured a girl could never have too many containers for lunches! WIN!

The latest greening up change in the house has been the dish soap. I have switched to Seventh Generation from Dawn. I like the fewer chemicals and it is gentler on my skin. I do not have a dishwasher and when you cook as much as I do you definitely need something that won’t eat up your hands. So far I like it. It also seems to be more concentrated than Dawn, so I use less. I think that is great! More green points! WOO!


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