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Have you ever seen a great sale on meat and thought there is no way I can eat that much before it goes bad? But then again, it’s such a great deal! Here’s what I do. I shop the sales at Lucky’s Market here in Billings. Every Wednesday I can be found there sometime after crossfit. Why Wednesdays? Well it just so happens that is their double ad day, frequently referred to as Double Ad Wednesdays.

Double Ad Wednesdays are when Lucky’s has the previous weeks sales still going on and the upcoming weeks sales start. So you get TWICE the items on sale! It’s the greatest thing ever. I love it. Because of this I have been trying to stock my freezer full of these great deals, especially meat. Meat can get so expensive and when you eat it for 3 meals a day it definitely cannot hurt when you find a deal.

Well, let’s face it. This is not a household of 4, not even 2, well unless you count Clyde who gets his own special food, so there is no way I could eat all the bulk meat that I buy. So what do I do? I have a Ziploc Vacuum Sealer System. So far I love it. Here I bought a bunch of chicken thighs on sale ($1.98/lb)! Now I must confess that I love the dark meat of the chicken. I find it has so much more flavor than the white meat.


It is really simple to use. You simply plug into the wall, grab a bag full of goodies (chicken thighs in this case), and hit the vacuum and seal button. It is seriously that easy! Now I have my cheap chicken thighs for days to come in much more reasonable portions! I chose to put split the packs of 8 into bags of 4 for the freezer.


What are some tips and tricks that you guys use to get the most bang for your buck? I use the same system when buying meat at Costco (usually hamburger and pork chops). Let me know! I’d love to know how else to get more out of my dollar!


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