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Sunday Storm

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So Sunday Billings got hit with a pretty bad thunderstorm. When I say pretty bad, I mean really bad. There is a lot of damage all across the town. Sunday is when I came back from Miles City. I was out picking up Clyde from the Fun Day. Clyde was having fun playing with the other dogs that I was in no real hurry to get home. Probably someone looking out for me there. We hung out during the storm out there and it really wasn’t that bad. There was some pea sized hail, maybe a little bigger, rain, thunder and lightening. No big deal. Typical thunderstorm in Montana.

So then Clyde and I are on our way home. We’re going along and it looked like it had out where we were. I got a little further east and I could see piles of hail. Again, no big deal. I get out to Lockwood and notice that the trees are missing most of their leaves and the ground is covered with them. Interesting. They must have gotten some bigger winds? Then I start heading towards home, the back roads, and it looks like a driving range! What the heck happened? The closer and closer I got to my house the more and more “golf balls” I seen.

Front Yard

Front Yard

Then I pulled into my driveway…wah wah…my neighbors house is TRASHED. There are holes in their siding, there are broken out windows, it’s a mess, and my yard looks awful. I pulled in and could not believe what I was seeing. Then I walked around my house and discovered that I too had a broken out window on the front of my house and the siding and gutters are just beat up. It’s horrible. I call my dad and ask him what I should do. He tells me I need to get the holes covered up. Well here’s the thing, I can’t reach the window, even with a step ladder. I’m just too short. Well my dad came over and saved the day! He rocks! Now I have tarped up windows and am waiting on insurance. Fun stuff.

Broken Window

Broken Window

I hope this isn’t a sign how the rest of the summer is going to go for us here in Billings. Usually we do not get these kinds of storms until August, when it’s super hot. But nope, let’s have one in May this year. Yeah…great fun. I have to admit I feel pretty lucky, I could’ve had so much more damage than I did. Windows can be replaced, siding can be repainted, gutters rehung, etc. I didn’t have to be here when the storm hit. That was a blessing in disguise. It meant that I didn’t have any damage to my car. Super lucky there. I hope and pray that everyone will be able to get back on their feet and recover from the storm.

Have you guys had any severe weather? Any crazy May storms out there?


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