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May Barkbox

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We got Clyde’s BarkBox last week! It’s always an exciting time around here. Clyde gets super excited when he knows something is for him, let alone a whole box! It’s basically doggy heaven!

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This month we got:
Bionic Rubber Bone – you can stuff the ends with peanut butter, it’s great for chewing and fetching. The bone is made with FDA food grade materials and tested in shelters with steel-jawed pups.
Nootie BBQ Chicken Jerky – is made in the USA and can be broken into bite-sized bits.
Etta Says Duck Chew – Made with novel proteins, which is perfect for pups with common meat allergies.
Max & Ruffy’s Snacks – Made in Maryland, sourced from organic strawberries and carob. Only organic, human grade, non-genetically modified fruit is used.
Zukes Clean Crisp Bone – Long lasting, grain free, and filled with antioxidants. They are made with flavors straight from the famer’s market like carrot, berry and apple.



So far Clyde has had the duck chew and the Bionic Bone. He loved the duck chew. He chewed it up super fast, but he hasn’t shown much interest in the bone. Maybe it will just take time. Not really sure. We had a pretty big weekend and I think he’s still recovering. So we’ll see how the rest of the treats go.

Do you get your pups anything special? I love the BarkBox because I get to try things that I normally wouldn’t get for Clyde. It’s great.


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