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Another Quick & Easy Paleo Dinner (Paleo, Whole30)

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Here’s another quick and easy paleo dinner! I love things that are quick and easy. When you are only cooking for one person it makes it more worth it when you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking.


This dinner included chicken thighs, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes. It was delicious. I really, truly, loved this meal. I ate it for like 4 days! HA! I wanted to tell you guys about what made this meal so quick though. Frozen veggies. That’s right, straight out of the freezer. They come from a company called Stahlbush Island Farms. They provide farm fresh, sustainably grown in the USA veggies.


Stahlbush Island Farms is located in Oregon and uses environmentally friendly farming methods for growing high quality fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains available. They ban GMO’s, protect wildlife habitats, uphold the very highest food safety standards, promote biodiversity, rotate crops for plant health, and grow cover crops to enrich soil. Now here’s the coolest thing, in my opinion, they make their own electricity! They make enough green energy for everything they do. After every harvest they add the remaining fruit, vegetable, legume, and grain material to their Biogas Plant.

When making the frozen veggies I put them into the Pampered Chef Microwave Cooker and cook for the recommended time on the back of the packaging. They always come out perfectly. It really helps when you get home later than expected and they can be put on the table in a hurry. My kind of meal!

What shortcuts do you guys use when making dinner?


Monkey Salad (Paleo, Whole30)

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I forgot where I originally found this recipe, but it is amazing. It’s such a quick way to make a breakfast a little bit bigger to help make it through the morning. Now I must admit, I go to work at 6am. I am not a morning person, but I get off of work at 2:30pm. It totally makes it worth it! So I have this some mornings when I’m needing a little extra fuel to make it through the morning.

Monkey Salad

Monkey Salad

Monkey Salad
1 banana
Coconut (I use Dang Brand toasted coconut)

Slice up banana, sprinkle with cashews and coconut. Give it a slight stir and enjoy!

I usually try to eat at least one cashew and a couple flakes of coconut with each slice of banana. That’s just me though. It has a nice little tropical taste. I love it. It would be good if you were having a sweet tooth attack or just needing a little something. This recipe is paleo and Whole30 compliant. Though Whole30 says that you do not need to eat fruit, if you choose to you can eat this!

Do you have any snacks that help you make it through that final push until lunch? What are your go to snacks?

Breakfast for a Week

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Sometimes on Sunday’s I make breakfast for the whole week. When I do this it usually involves sausage and eggs, probably 2 of my favorite breakfast items! I usually just make a little scramble.

Browning the Sausage

Browning the Sausage

This recipe is so simple, first you brown the sausage, then add eggs (as many as you think look right), cook until all the way cooked. Then serve on a plate with salsa. SO SIMPLE!


You could also serve this with avocado, sweet potato, fruit salad or a variety of other delicious things! After I breakfast on Sunday I dish up the leftovers for the rest of the week. It makes breakfast easy to grab and go out the door. Perfect.

Do you guys have any thing you do to make the rest of the week a tiny bit easier?


Puppy Play Time

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Clyde had a fun little Sunday Night Dinner a couple weeks ago. He was so cute carrying around a basketball as big as he is.  Oh that pup, he brings so much joy into my life. I love him so much! Here are the pictures! Warning: There are a TON of pictures!

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Does your pup do anything super adorable? Clyde is such a character. I love it.

May NatureBox

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May’s NatureBox came full of awesome goodies! Sorry I am just now writing about it, life has been crazy in these parts. Anyway…here is what came in the box:

Masa Crisps
Tart & Tangy Fruit Medley – apple bits and dried cranberries
Bruschetta Pretzel Pops
Cherry Vanilla Granola
Coffee Kettle Popcorn


I gave the Bruschetta Pretzel Pops away. I’m not much of a tomato person and they were loaded with rosemary flavor. They weren’t bad, but I just knew I wouldn’t eat them. So it was better to give them away. The Tart & Tangy Fruit Medley is pretty good. I really like those. It’s good when you are wanting something a little sweet. I have gotten the masa crisps and the cherry vanilla granola before. They are both pretty tasty. I haven’t tried the Coffee Kettle Popcorn yet. I took it on a road trip with me and forgot all about it when the whole trip! It was 4 hours one way! HA! That’s ok though. I’ll get to snacking on it eventually.

I also tried to do a Whole30 challenge starting in June. Well that failed I did about 5 days of it then went to a Bridal Shower unprepared, and BLEW IT. So I will be starting again, unsure of when.

What about you guys? Have you gotten any awesome snacks? Have you tried a challenge and failed?