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Advocare 24 Day Challenge: Day 7

Wow, I’ve hit the week mark already! I can’t believe it! Here is the Day 7 recap!

Probiotic Restore Ultra (2)
2 eggs, sausage, canteloupe

Apple & Peanut Butter (Almond butter is in that huge recall)

Tuna with pickles on crackers, butter lettuce w/Newman’s Own Lite Italian

White Chocolate Latte (Fail)
Cookie dough Luna Protein Bar (post workout)

OmegaPlex (2)
Spaghetti Squash w/spaghetti sauce, bread

Water Count:
16 cups (8oz)

Steps: 13,619 (6.3 miles)
Crossfit: Fail workout, +1 until failure weighted squats & push press (50lbs), I did 15 rounds, plus 10 pullups

I really pushed it at crossfit today. I really like fail workouts because I know that I gave it my all. There is no doubt in my mind about that. I had a moment that I looked at the board (like round 7 or 8) and asked the coach if it was a guy because it was 14 rounds with the same weight. He told me no, but it was a very strong female. So I was like, okay…and I power through another few rounds and about round 12 I hit my spot, and I said, let’s do this! That’s when I made it through 15 rounds! I was so proud of myself! Woot! I love little wins! 

Food wise I didn’t  do too shabby either. The latte was a fail, but I guess. I shouldn’t beat myself up too much about that. Instead of walking around the park at lunch we walked to Starbuck’s and back. It’s a further walk than normal, so that part was good. I’ll try to be better about those. So we’ll see. 


About skylerae

I am a foodaholic on my way to finding a healthier and happier way of life. I've found my love of exercising in high intensity functional fitness (much like CrossFit) and Zumba. I am striving to become the best version of myself for many years to come!

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