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Advocare 24 Day Challenge: Day 19

How am I on Day 19 already! Jeepers it’s going quick. I officially signed up to be an independent distributor yesterday. Go me! YAY! Here’s my recap:

Day 19
MNS 3 Color Pack (30 mins prior)
Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake

Apple w/peanut butter

MNS 3 Color Pack
MNS 3 White Packs
Butter lettuce salad with tuna, croutons, ranch and a side of baby carrots
Trenta Iced Tea from Starbucks
Salted Caramel Cake Pop


10oz sirloin, baked potato w/sour cream, salad with ranch

Crossfit-15 min AMRAP-Sumo High Pulls (45lbs) and Handwalk Pushups (20, 19, 18, 17, 16)
Steps-11,261 (5.2 miles)

The salted caramel cake pop was a total impulse buy. Whoops. I shouldn’t have had it, but I’m trying not to think about it too much. I had a lot to do and it happened. Oh well. It really could be worse, I could’ve eaten salted caramel cake, like a whole cake, but I just had a little pop instead. Much better. However, I’ve noticed something with desserts. They really do set of a chain reaction of events, and make you CRAVE more and more sugar. It’s really crazy. I’m thinking I need to do a sugar detox one of these days. Yikes. Other than that things are going really good with this challenge. I no longer have issue with eating the same thing for lunch every day as long as I get to make something for dinner that’s different. Let me tell ya, the meal replacement shakes make my mornings so much easier as well. I have a very simple routine in the mornings now with a standard breakfast and lunch. It’s great. I’m hoping that after the challenge the habits continue.


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I am a foodaholic on my way to finding a healthier and happier way of life. I've found my love of exercising in high intensity functional fitness (much like CrossFit) and Zumba. I am striving to become the best version of myself for many years to come!

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