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Advocare 24 Day Challenge: Day 22

Well this challenge is going quite well. I did the Color Me Rad 5k this morning and I saw the pics we took and I look so much more trim than last year! Thank you crossfit and Advocare for helping me look great! Here is the recap for yesterday!

Day 22
MNS 3 Color Pack (30 mins prior)
Vanilla Meal Replacement Shake

Doughnut (my boss is a major pressurer)

MNS 3 Color Pack (30 mins prior)
Fruit Punch Spark
MNS 3 White Packs
Shredded pork, coleslaw, baked sour cream and onion chips, and cookie

White Chocolate Latte (skim milk)

Chicken strips (2 small), shrimp (5 small), fries, iced tea

Crossfit-2 rounds: 30 ring rows, run 800m, 30 dips (green band), run 800m
Steps-13,904 (7.3 miles)

The doughnut totally screwed up my day. I really hate that people at the office pressure you until you crack. It’s pretty crazy. I’m so over it. There was literally no getting out of that one. Ugh…I hate how one decision throws your whole body in a tailspin. I guess that’s life. I will do better.


About skylerae

I am a foodaholic on my way to finding a healthier and happier way of life. I've found my love of exercising in high intensity functional fitness (much like CrossFit) and Zumba. I am striving to become the best version of myself for many years to come!

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