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Advocare 24-Day Challenge: Day 1


Well I have to say that this challenge is not as intimidating as the previous challenge. Thank goodness for that. If you remember I am doing another challenge to help be the support for my mom on her first challenge. I am so excited for her to be improving her health and willing to try Advocare as way to do just that!

The weather is crappy here. It snowed for the first time this year last night and I am SO EXCITED!  You see, I’ve been having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that Thanksgiving is you know like 2 and a half weeks away. SAY WHAT?! It’s still 60 degrees outside, isn’t it still September? Ha, jokes on me! So I’m unusually excited about the cold and the snow. We also have a day off of work tomorrow for those wonderful Veterans! Even better.

With this challenge I have a few goals.
1. Stick to the plan as close as possible, knowing I will not be perfect.
2. Break my coffee addiction.
3. Be a supportive daughter for my mom.
4. Get 10,000 steps/day

So here is the Day 1 Recap:

30mins before breakfast – Watermelon Spark

Breakfast – P&C Fiber drink, 2 eggs, potatoes, 2 pieces of bacon
(I know bacon isn’t approved by the challenge, but I had some in the fridge needing to be used up)

Snack – Nothing

Lunch – Chicken breast, potatoes, cauliflower

Snack – Nothing

Dinner – OmegaPlex, Pasta Bake (chicken, pasta, cheese), Sunday dinner is going to be the hardest since the meal is out of my control. Though not horrible, I was really needing a vegetable. Oh well.

Snack – Nothing

Bedtime – Catalyst, Herbal Cleanse Caplets

Steps: 9,371 (SO CLOSE!!!)

Day 1, it wasn’t bad at all. Here’s to hoping I can keep it up. I have a few challenges during this challenge due to a couple things. We have our yearly (hopefully semi-yearly) scrapbooking trip to the cabin. I should be able to stay on track, I just don’t know how close it will be. There is talk of pizza, apple slices (a dessert not just sliced apples), cinnamon rolls, spinach dip and stuffed mushrooms. So that will be interesting, and then there’s a major holiday, Thanksgiving. The one cheat day. So we’ll see how this goes.

Are you interested in starting your own challenge? Visit and I will get you set up today!


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I am a foodaholic on my way to finding a healthier and happier way of life. I've found my love of exercising in high intensity functional fitness (much like CrossFit) and Zumba. I am striving to become the best version of myself for many years to come!

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