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Easter Sunday – The Day I Publically Surrendered My Life to Jesus

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Easter Sunday was a pretty amazing day. Not only do we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but I also decided to be baptized. This decision was a hard one for me. You see, I’ve been struggling with my belief and following of Jesus for some time. It really became hard for me after my grandpa passed away in December 2008. The reality was that no matter how hard I prayed the end result was the same. I could not understand why God would take such a great man from this world. So I lost my way.

In January I decided to join a friend at Faith Chapel for Sunday Service. I was hooked. She was doing this group called Rooted and I decided that Sunday that I would join this small group as well, but not in my friends group. She was in a married group and well not being married automatically threw me out of there. Haha. So I went for a singles, mixed group. It was the best decision I ever made. I’ve met some really awesome people and made what I believe to be lifelong friends. They are people that I see at church now and think I know them! It’s wonderful.

Anyhow, through the Rooted group, I learned so much about God and the Bible and just a general understanding of the “why” of things that I really started to feel comfortable with God and having a relationship with him. After our Week 9 meeting I started thinking really hard about being baptized again. Through Rooted I had repaired my relationship with God, I felt forgiven and I was willing to surrender my life to Him and start living his word. It was after the Rooted Celebration (week 11) that I really had a good heart to heart with myself and that Sunday I decided that I would be baptized on Easter during the service.

It was an amazing experience. I feel like the weights have been lifted now that I have publically declared my relationship with God. My family was there to help me celebrate and then we went back to my house for an awesome Easter dinner and family time.

Here are some pictures of me getting baptized. Enjoy!

Baptism 4Baptism 2Baptism 3 Baptism 1


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