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New Advocare Herbal Cleanse! Day 1 Recap!

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Advocare released a new version of the cleanse last week. It’s pretty exciting stuff. The cleanse used to be kind of complicated, trying to remember what to take when, now they’ve solved all those problems. You will now take all the products for all 10 days! That’s great! I always wondered why some days you took the fiber drink and some days you took the probiotic and others you took the herbal cleanse caplets. Now there’s no mystery!

New Cleanse

The other great thing that was released is the unflavored fiber drink, no more having to choose peaches and cream or citrus. The unflavored drink can be easily mixed in with the Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes or other drinks because it is unflavored! That is great news! I did order the peaches and cream fiber drink this time though.

I’m so excited about the new cleanse that I decided it was time to do one myself. I have been having off the wall sugar cravings and have just been feeling like it’s time to do a reset. I like to do them about every 90 days and I’m WAY over that now. It’s definitely time and the new version of the cleanse was the perfect thing to get me jump started!

Here is a recap of Day 1:

30mins before breakfast: Coffee w/milk, Probiotic Restore (2 capsules)

Breakfast: Peaches & Cream Fiber Drink, Chocolate Mint Brownie MRS, 2 packets maple & brown sugar oatmeal

Snack: Golden Delicious Apple w/peanut butter, handful of almonds

Lunch: Spaghetti sauce over macaroni noodles

Snack: Mandarin Orange Spark

Dinner: Spaghetti sauce over macaroni noodles w/garlic bread, OmegaPlex (2 capsules)

Snack: None

Bedtime: Herbal Cleanse Caplets, Catalyst

Workouts: Workouts will be recapped in the weekly post.

Overall thoughts: So far so good.

Side Note: I am training for a competition so I have to keep my protein levels up and that’s why there is so much breakfast.

Are you interested in learning more about Advocare and how it can help you be the champion you were meant to be? Visit me at and I’ll answer any questions you may have.


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