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AdvoCare May Product Spotlight

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The May product spotlight is the CU24 Level 2 DVD, AdvoCare Power Resistance Cord and AdvoCare Exercise ball for $69.90* (regular $99.85). This bundle is perfect for the at-home exerciser who is comfortable with the CU24 Level 1 DVDs and looking for a bit more from their workouts. This is the perfect addition to the 24-Day Challenge as well as your daily routine.

May Product Spotlight

The DVDs included are Melt, Shred, Sculpt and Supplemental Workouts. Melt are cardio-focused workouts that are designed to melt calories while increasing endurance and stamina. Shred are workouts combining resistance training and cardiovascular exercises to maximize burn while increasing strength to shred calories and burn muscle. Sculpt are total body workouts designed to help you sculpt your muscles by focusing on increased resistance training. Finally, the supplemental workouts are the perfect companions to your workout routine, giving extra focus to specific areas of the body.

The Power Resistance Cord can be used to help firm your chest, arms, abdominals, core and legs. Tone and strengthen your entire body with increased resistance and durability from the woven design of the cord. Comfortable, foam padded handles and easy portability make this piece of equipment the perfect addition to your workout routine.

The Exercise Ball can be used in a variety of workouts to build strength, increase flexibility and balance, and overall toning. The Exercise Ball can be used in full-body exercises while also helping to target and strengthen your core muscles, abdominals, and back. Adaptable to all fitness levels, the Exercise Ball can help you achieve your exercise goals.  (Note: Weight on the Exercise Ball should not exceed 250 pounds.)

To order your bundle today visit and get started today! Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about the bundle or the 24-Day Challenge or any AdvoCare products. I would be happy to help you out.

*This offer is good, while supplies last, through June 2, 2015.


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