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Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University – Week 7

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Last night at Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University we learned about investing.  Investing 15% of your income is also known as Baby Step 4. This is after you have paid off all of your debt through the debt snowball (Baby Step 2), and put 3-6 months of expenses into an emergency fund (Baby Step 3), then you start your investing, which is also how you grow your wealth for retirement.

We did a fun little exercise of drawing what our picture of retirement would be and also our why. The why is very important. The why is what keeps you motivated to blast through your debt with gazelle intensity and get that emergency fund fully funded. Then you can really start to see your money grow.

Now of course I’m still on Baby Step 2, but knowing what I’m working so hard for is really helpful. This way I don’t lose sight of the bigger picture when I’m bogged down that I still have debt. I had been toying with the idea of printing out a picture of my dream house and Germany and posting them on my fridge to look at every day.

Here is a picture of my why:

brick home


So what does your picture of retirement look like? Is it changing the family tree so future generations are strapped with debt? Is it traveling the world? Is it freedom and control over all of your money? Is it so you can give like you’ve never given before? What is your why?

Are you interested in learning more about Financial Peace University? Visit and find a class near you.

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