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Bountiful Basket and Operation Don’t Let Anything Go to Waste

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I have decided to start getting the Bountiful Baskets again. Bountiful Baskets is a volunteer co-op organization providing a basket of 50% fruits and 50% veggies for $15 ($25 for organic)! I’m doing the conventional basket for right now and then I will move to the organic basket as soon as I know I will not be disappointed. So far so good. This weeks basket looks delicious! I cannot wait to prepare my meals this week! I’m also hoping that getting the baskets inspires me to continue to cook healthy at home and prepare for the week!

Here is what came in the basket this week:


Green Peppers
Green Onions
Honeydew Melon

Operation Don’t Let Anything go to Waste

  Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Sunday Eggs, Bacon, Plums* Sunday Dinner w/family
Monday Scotch Eggs (2), Grapes* Salad* w/tuna Stuffed Peppers*, salad*
Tuesday Scotch Eggs (2), Grapes* Leftover stuffed peppers*, salad* Chicken, potatoes*, crunchy slaw*
Wednesday Scotch Eggs (2), Grapes* Leftover: Chicken, potatoes*, crunchy slaw* Twice Baked Potatoes*
Thursday Scotch Eggs (2), Melon* Twice baked potato* Pork chops, potatoes*, salad*
Friday Scotch Eggs (2), Melon* Pork chops, potatoes*, salad* Spaghetti w/meatballs, salad*
Saturday Scotch Eggs (2), Melon* Crossfit Competition Crossfit Competition

Snacks: Plums*, celery* w/almond butter
*means come from basket

The mangoes*, peaches* and blueberries* will be frozen into smoothie packs, for those hot summer days when I don’t feel like cooking! I’m really hoping that this meal plan helps me stay on track!


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I am a foodaholic on my way to finding a healthier and happier way of life. I've found my love of exercising in high intensity functional fitness (much like CrossFit) and Zumba. I am striving to become the best version of myself for many years to come!

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