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Living with Food Allergies Part I

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A little over a week ago I was tested for food allergies. Turns out the results from the prick test indicate that I am allergic to oats, peanuts, broccoli, chocolate and garlic. Now none of those are horrible BUT I’m really struggling with the garlic allergy. They put garlic in EVERYTHING! So how did I end up in the Allergy Doctor’s Office? Here’s my story…

Back in November I had started to get these horribly itchy legs. I thought maybe it was caused by my Muck Boots, so I quit wearing those. Then that didn’t work, so I thought that maybe it was just all boots, so I quit wearing all boots. Nope no relief. Then I thought it was my lotion, so I switched that about 800 times. No avail. Then I thought it was leggings or skinny jeans, so I quit wearing those and switched to mostly capris and again, no improvement. After all of that I decided that I guess it wasn’t something external and had to be internal. About this time I started switching up my protein intake for the competition and my training. At the time that my symptoms (the itching) got so bad that I was scratching them until they bled, but I didn’t realize it until they started bleeding. It was terrifying that I was becoming that unaware with what was going on. So when I switched up my diet for training I was eating a lot of dairy. Cottage cheese in particular is very high in protein for a reasonable serving size and calories. Well within about a half an hour of eating dairy I would get horrible itchiness. However, I’ve struggled with cutting out dairy, which is silly, but it’s been a real struggle. The dairy prick test came back negative though.

So I made an appointment with the allergy doctor, but it was a month out. So I took pictures of my legs and the horrible shape they were in with the rashes and scratches. And then called dermatology to see if they could get me in sooner. They were able to get me in that day. I went in and had the WORST experience I’ve ever had with a doctor. He didn’t even look at my legs, came in telling me to prescribe me a topical steroid for contact dermatitis. Not that the doctor told me what it was for. It was the most mind-blowing appointment I’d ever had. However, the steroid helped calm down the itching, but I still have to use it about 2-3 times a week. So we have only been treating the symptoms and not the cause. That really bothered me. I’m hoping the allergy doctor can help me find the answers to the cause of the itching and help me to get it under control. So far I’m working on cutting out all the allergens that have been identified this far. The doctor had blood drawn and sent off for further testing, including whey specific testing for dairy to see if there is a connection there. It will be nice when this is under control. Anyhow, that’s what I’ve been dealing with lately.

Do you have any allergies? Are they food related? What have you done to try to figure out some medical mysteries?