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BarkBox: November 2014

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barkbox logo

No idea why this never got published! Here you go! Sorry it’s so late!

Clyde’s BarkBox was pretty cool this month! Clyde got his first bullystick ever and LOVED it! Yay! I’m super excited about the toys and the Turducken treats! So many cool things! Here’s what the box contained:DSC_0077DSC_0079

Petmate Chef Heggies – Stuffed hedgehog created by Petmate just for BarkBox.
Feelgood Treat Company Slow Roasted Rosemary Turducken (Oat + Rice) – The poultry trifecta of treats! Made with turkey, duck, and chicken.
Barkworthies Junior bully Stick – Made with 100% beef bladder! Pups find them long lasting and delicious. No chemicals or preservatives are used, making them a clear winner over other chews like rawhide.
PetSafe Squeak ‘n Treat Booya – This treat dispensing toy from PetSafe helps extend meal time into playtime! Squeaky and durable for heavy chewers, you can cut the prongs inside to adjust the difficulty of treat extraction and extend playtime even longer.
Diggin Your Dog Charki-O’s – Charki-O’s have been known to cause addiction…to more Charki-O’s! These freeze-dried beef trachea treats are topped with liver sprinkles and are paw-licking good.DSC_0080

So far Clyde has loved the bully stick, it was gone in like 10 minutes! And the hedgehog he has been throwing around the livingroom and the Booya treat toy is puzzling him. Check out the pictures from BarkBox day!

DSC_0084 DSC_0085 DSC_0088 DSC_0090

I was not paid or sponsored to write this post. I have not been compensated in anyway to write this post. All opinions are my own.


Happy New Year 2015!

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Happy 2015 from A Girl and her Corgi

BarkBox: October 2014

Clyde loved his October Barkbox! I think he loves every Barkbox, but he really loved the Day of the Dead doll that came in this one. He is still playing with it to this day! Silly little guy! Here is what came in the October box.

barkbox logo

October Contents:

Safemade Dia de los Muertos Skull (Clyde’s favorite) – $11 value, this toy has held up to Clyde constantly playing with it. It has extra trim around the sides for durability.
Hare of the Dog Rabbit Jerky Stick – I haven’t given this to Clyde yet. I’m sure he will love it when I do ($3 value).
Wet Noses Pumpkin biscuits – We haven’t tried these yet either. Agility gave him too many treats so they are very sparingly now ($2 value).

American Dog Toys Flash & Glow Ball – This ball constantly gets stuck under the couch, but it is easy to find with its flashing lights! Clyde loves playing with balls (haha, yes I’m 2 sometimes), and this seems to be a good one for him ($9 value).
Snicky Snaks Cinnamon Crunch Bar – Clyde really liked this one. I think he ate the whole bar in like 2 seconds! ($2 value)
Superior Farms Venison Crepe – I gave this one to Clyde on Halloween! He loved it! He loves super crunchy things. Probably why he loves knuckle bones so much! ($8 value)

BarkBox is a subscription service that sends a box of goodies to your dog every month. You can pick boxes depending on the size of your dog. Clyde gets a medium box and it’s $39.95 per month. The other really cool thing about BarkBox is that should Clyde not love an item in his box they will replace it! This is huge! I love that I get to try new things with Clyde and I don’t have to worry about him being disappointed.

I was not compensated by Barkbox in any way to write a review for Barkbox. All opinions are my own.

Lake Elmo

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Here is a photo blog of Clyde at Lake Elmo! Enjoy! He’s a silly boy!

20140927_172317 20140927_172314 20140927_172203 20140927_172045 20140927_172042 20140927_171844 20140927_171831 20140927_170416 20140927_165756 20140927_165725

August Barkbox

Clyde’s August Barkbox contained some great stuff! It felt like it came late this month, but I think that’s just how the month landed on days of the week.

barkbox logo

Anyway, this month’s Barkbox contained:
Jax and Bones Nautical Wheel Rope Toy
Feel Good Treat Co Seafood Chowder
Waboba Fetch (A ball that bounces on the surface of the water)
Grandma Bowser’s Cheddar Biscuits
Safemade Nautical Bandana

20140829_130001 20140829_130118

Clyde seems to really enjoy the rope toy and liked the cheddar biscuits. He isn’t so impressed with the bandana, but lets be fair he isn’t impressed with any clothes. He barely tolerates his collar, but he was a good sport about the bandana photo shoot.

20140829_130619 20140829_130342 20140829_130338 20140829_130330 20140829_130306

Summer Recap Part 3

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Summer Recap Part 3! Here is Clyde and his playing adventures out at my cousins house. He had a ball playing with the basketball and playing in the water bowl! So much fun!


Playing with a basketball!


First harvest from the garden!


Clyde and his crab!


Cooling off in the water bowl

20140807_171653 20140807_171645 20140807_171633 20140807_171628 20140807_171626 20140807_171533 20140807_171525 20140807_171520 20140807_171518

Summer Recap Part 2

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Summer Recap Part 2!!! All the lakes that Clyde and I visited over the summer! We had such a blast. Clyde even swam a little, maybe against his will. We will have to work on that more next year! He sure looks dapper in his lime green lifejacket though! Stay tuned for Part 3!


Clyde resting on the boat


On the dock at Hell Creek, Montana


Hanging out on the boat, Hell Creek, Montana


Swimming! Hell Creek, Montana


Sporting the lifejacket!


Fort Peck Lake, Fort Peck, Montana


Fort Peck Lake, Fort Peck, Montana


Fort Peck Lake, Fort Peck, Montana


Fort Peck Lake, Fort Peck, Montana


Hanging out at the campground, Fort Peck, Montana


Playing at the campground, Fort Peck, Montana


More campground play, Fort Peck, Montana


Fort Peck Spillway, Fort Peck, Montana


Fort Peck Spillway, Fort Peck, Montana


On top of the spillway! Fort Peck, Montana


On top of the spillway, Fort Peck, Montana


The lake on top of the spillway, Fort Peck, Montana


The view from on top of the spillway! Fort Peck, Montana


Clyde on the boat! Fort Peck Lake, Montana


On the boat, Fort Peck Lake, Montana