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Young Living Essential Oils: December 2014 Essential Rewards Order

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Young Living Essential Oils: December 2014 Essential Rewards Order

The Special as you recall for December 2014 was 190PV 5-ml Vetiver essential oil, 250PV 10% back in ER points and 5-ml Vetiver essential oil, and 300PV Treasure of the Season essential oil blend, 10% back in ER points and 5-ml Vetiver essential oil. I did not place a large enough order for any of the specials.

Here is my order:
Valor (2)
Deep Relief Roll-On
Product Catalogs (10)
Diffuser Necklace
Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil
2014 Roll-On Collection (Breathe Again & Stress Away)

I have some shows coming up in 2015 that I am trying to build inventory for, that’s why I keep ordering Valor and Deep Relief. Those two are really popular oils that serve so many ailments for people. I’d like to have enough in stock by the time I do my first show. Those essential oil blends also have order restriction, so there’s that as well.


I am really excited to try the Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil as well. I’ve noticed my legs and butt haven’t been looking as good as they should so I’m hoping this helps out some as well! I will keep you posted on my progress with it.

I got the diffuser necklace so that I can have the oils with me all day. I’m hoping that Stress Away and Grounding will be good for me in the necklace to help me manage my emotions better. Little goals for 2015, manage stress and emotions better.

I can’t wait to place the order for January! Can you believe we are about to head into the New Year? Doesn’t seem possible.


Young Living Essential Oils: Essential Rewards November 2014


I could not believe how fast my November Essential Rewards order got here this month! YAY! Seems like Young Living is catching up with their exponential growth! Here is what I got for November!


The Essential Rewards special was a 5ml bottle of Christmas Spirit, 5ml bottle of Ginger (190pv), 10% back in Essential Rewards points (250pv), and a bottle of Thyromin with a 300pv order. When November started I wasn’t going to order this much and then the orders just kept coming in! Here is what I ordered.

Lavender (3 15ml bottles)
Aroma Siez
Dragon Time
Progessence Plus
Lip Balm Collection
Bon Voyage Travel Kit
30 bottle hard case


Lots of great things. I used my Zyto Scanner to figure out what oils I’m needing lately. P+ was on special this month too with 10% off and I had heard such great things about it that I figured why not give it a try?! I had to order replacements for lemongrass, orange and the lip balm collection due to a donation to a fundraiser at work. Love getting people in the oily spirit!

Are you interested in starting your own oily journey? Contact me and let me know! I’d be glad to help you discover the world of natural living!

Young Living Essential Rewards: October 2014

Wow, this post is really late! Whoops! Here is my ER order for October! I got lots of great stuff as you can see. I just love experimenting with all the oils! Just wait until you see the November ER order.



I got lots of cool stuff as you can see. Here are some close ups of the Holiday Catalog shopping that I did. They had great mini-collections that I got. They have lots of great oils in them that I was wanting to try, such as Citrus Fresh, Eucalyptus Blue and Idaho Blue Spruce! My oily journey has just begun. I also got the Golden Touch I collection. This collection is supposed to be the best oils for the wintery months. What perfect timing! I cannot wait to try them.

20141021_202152 20141021_202044 20141021_202038 20141021_202033

I also got some other oils to use so I have personal testimonials.


I got cinnamon bark, nutmeg and orange for ordering over 190pv, I also got 10% back in reward points and a $20 voucher for the premium starter kit! I cannot wait to use the Deep Relief when my knee or neck gives me fits and you can never have enough Thieves around the house during the winter. I ordered Melrose for my very callused hands, I have a recipe that I want to try to help them heal faster after I tear them constantly doing pullups at IronCross Fit! And the lemongrass is for my knee as well. It’s supposed to help with meniscus pain. So we will see if they work!

Are you interested in trying some Young Living Essential Oils? Contact me to learn more!

Sore Muscles and Essential Oils

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I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! I know I did. I spent the day with family, friends and the hounds. It was a really good day. I thought I would share with you today what I use for sore muscles from a tough workout. Yesterday was an example of a tough workout, well more like too many days off between workouts plus eating holiday food!

Skyler's Sore Muscle Blaster

Within minutes I start to feel better and the next morning is not nearly as rough as not using anything. I prefer to use the oils over any other chemicals. I was diagnosed with an ulcer my last years of college and since then I have had to be careful with my intake of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. I have found that the essential oils are a great way to not flare my ulcer.

I only use Young Living essential oils. They are the only oils I trust, however, if you prefer something else I’m sure there is something similar that you can use from that company. Member Number 1702931


How did you guys spend your Easter? Did you do anything fun? Any Easter Bunny sightings?

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