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Sore Muscles and Essential Oils

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I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! I know I did. I spent the day with family, friends and the hounds. It was a really good day. I thought I would share with you today what I use for sore muscles from a tough workout. Yesterday was an example of a tough workout, well more like too many days off between workouts plus eating holiday food!

Skyler's Sore Muscle Blaster

Within minutes I start to feel better and the next morning is not nearly as rough as not using anything. I prefer to use the oils over any other chemicals. I was diagnosed with an ulcer my last years of college and since then I have had to be careful with my intake of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. I have found that the essential oils are a great way to not flare my ulcer.

I only use Young Living essential oils. They are the only oils I trust, however, if you prefer something else I’m sure there is something similar that you can use from that company. Member Number 1702931


How did you guys spend your Easter? Did you do anything fun? Any Easter Bunny sightings?

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