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2 Shelves, 1 Huge Improvement

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This weekend I had my dad come help me with hanging a few shelves. I have been wanting some open shelving in my house for quite a while now, I was just terrified to hang them myself and have them come crashing down, breaking all the dishes! So my dad being the wonderful guy that he is helped me out in that department. Now I should be able to hang shelves myself now. Progress!

Here are the shelves in action:

Kitchen Shelving

Kitchen Shelving

I wanted to get pictures taken as soon as they were hung so I just put random stuff on there for now. Some will stay, some will go. It will all depend on how it all evolves. I’m going to put some more open shelving over by the sink as well. Just to store things like glasses and maybe plant an herb garden. I love the idea of open shelving! I have painted my kitchen neutral colors in hopes of the dishes becoming the stars. I love the Racheal Ray line colors! I also love that all the colors in her line look good together without being all matchy-matchy. The last thing I want in my kitchen is everything matching. I love bright colors. The orange, greens, blues, reds, yellows all of them! Open shelving is how I can make my dishes the stars, instead of the cabinets or walls.

Now I need to get some art hung in the kitchen. Baby steps.

OH! And for the low down on the supplies and action. I got the shelves from a hardware store several years ago, but I also saw them at Lowe’s when I was there getting the brackets. I chose brackets that would support a 12 inch shelf, these ones were actually for 7-12 inch shelves. I chose the color based on the art and accessories in the same visual area. Then my dad used a stud finder to locate the studs, marked the studs and put in the screws and hung the shelves. So far so good. We went with the extra support in the middle because of the dishes. I’m still debating on painting the shelves, my fridge, freezer and stove are white so it doesn’t look too bad having white shelves. So I think I’ll live with them for a while and see if they start to bug me.

Did you guys do any quick updates this weekend? Hang any shelves lately?