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May NatureBox

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May’s NatureBox came full of awesome goodies! Sorry I am just now writing about it, life has been crazy in these parts. Anyway…here is what came in the box:

Masa Crisps
Tart & Tangy Fruit Medley – apple bits and dried cranberries
Bruschetta Pretzel Pops
Cherry Vanilla Granola
Coffee Kettle Popcorn


I gave the Bruschetta Pretzel Pops away. I’m not much of a tomato person and they were loaded with rosemary flavor. They weren’t bad, but I just knew I wouldn’t eat them. So it was better to give them away. The Tart & Tangy Fruit Medley is pretty good. I really like those. It’s good when you are wanting something a little sweet. I have gotten the masa crisps and the cherry vanilla granola before. They are both pretty tasty. I haven’t tried the Coffee Kettle Popcorn yet. I took it on a road trip with me and forgot all about it when the whole trip! It was 4 hours one way! HA! That’s ok though. I’ll get to snacking on it eventually.

I also tried to do a Whole30 challenge starting in June. Well that failed I did about 5 days of it then went to a Bridal Shower unprepared, and BLEW IT. So I will be starting again, unsure of when.

What about you guys? Have you gotten any awesome snacks? Have you tried a challenge and failed?


April’s Naturebox

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Every month I get a NatureBox. It is a box filled with 5 different snacks. There is the option to choose your snacks, however, I choose to be surprised. I love it. It forces me to try things that I would’ve never tried because I thought I didn’t like them. The great thing about NatureBox is all the snacks are nutritionist approved. Click here for more information on their snacks. They also have a gluten free option and a vegan option. Here’s to hoping they offer a paleo version soon.


This months contents were: (Add descriptions of the snacks)
Cranberry Almond Bites – Tart cranberries and crispy rice
Poppy Seed Sticks – sesame sticks with poppy seeds
Apple Pie Oat Clusters – apple oat clusters
PB&J Granola – peanut butter granola with dried fruit
South Pacific Plantains* – plantain chips with sea salt

Well I just got the box on Tuesday and the Cranberry squares are already gone. They were amazing. They tasted just like dry cereal. I always give out samples to people I’m around too. Everyone was raving about them. I also tried the pb&j granola, it’s peanut butter granola with dried fruit. I really like it, however, it is very filling. I was just eating it dry as a mid-morning curb the hunger snack. It definitely worked.

So sorry I forgot to snap a picture of the box when it arrived. I’ll try to do better for the May box and the new snacks!

I have not tried the other snacks just yet, but I will do an update post to let you know how they are. Just a quick little note, these snacks are not all paleo approved, obviously with the peanut butter granola (oats & pb=not paleo), but some months I get more paleo snacks than others.

Do you get a NatureBox? What are you guys snacking on lately? Any good boxes like this or are you a prepare your own kind of person? Are there any good snacks at the grocery store that you’ve been picking up?

*Paleo approved snacks

**I was not paid or perked by NatureBox to review their products, actually they probably don’t even know I wrote this post.