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Workout Recap

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Well this was a rough week! I knew it would be. It’s the last week of training before the competition. Next week I’ll be going hard on Monday and Tuesday and then take it easy for the rest of the week to make sure that I’m well rested for the competition that is in a week! A week peeps! I cannot believe that it is basically here! I’m so excited, nervous, terrified and ready! Here is the recap!

40 push ups
20 clean & jerks (65lbs)
Run 400m
30 push ups
15 clean & jerks (65lbs)
Run 800m
20 push ups
10 clean & jerks
Run 1200m

I don’t remember my time, oh well, I barely remembered the workout! Whoops!

15min AMRAP:
Front Squat (95lbs)
Knee to elbow on bar

I got 2+ rounds. I almost had 3, I was through 8 of the 15 of the front squats when time ran out!

4 rounds:
1 min wall balls
1 min sumo high pulls (50lbs)
1 min box jumps
1 min battle ropes

15min time cap:
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Down and back up
Thrusters (75lbs)
Elevated Ring Rows

I made it through round 4 going back up the ladder. I was pretty proud of myself. Those ring rows were really tough when you elevated your feet.

Partner Workout!
P1 – 400m farmer carry w/rope
P2 – Plank until P1 comes back in
P1 – Plank until P2 comes back in
P2 – 400m farmer carry w/rope
P1 – 400m farmer carry
P2 – Wall ball sit (10lb ball)
P1 – Wall ball sit (10lb ball)
P2 – 400m farmer carry
P1 – 400m farmer carry
P2 – 50 slammers
P1 – 50 slammers
P2 – 400m farmer carry
P1 – 800m farmer carry
P2 – 40 burpees (+40 for 4 drops on the plank and wall sit)
P1 – 40 burpees (+40)
P2 – 800m farmer carry

We finished in 33:16! I was super proud of us! We did good!