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Workout Recap!

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40 sumo high pulls (50lb kettlebell)
40 knee to elbow on bar
40 sumo deadlift (50lb kettlebell)
Run 200m
30 sumo high pulls
30 knee to elbow
30 sumo deadlifts
Run 400m
20 sumo high pulls
20 knee to elbow
20 sumo deadlifts
Run 800m

I finished in 31:32. This workout was tough and all back. It was quite the struggle to finish the 800m run!

8 rounds:
10 handwalks
15 push press (65lbs)
20 air squats

I forgot what my time was, like 19 something maybe…

100 bicycle abs
Run 400m
100 crossovers (20lb ball)
Run 400m
100 sit ups
Run 400m
100 weighted crunch (20lb ball)
Run 400m

I finished in 16:41. I was so proud of myself. I really pushed the cardio aspect of this workout and it really paid off. 

+2 until failure @75lbs
weighted lunges
back squats

I failed at 18. It was pretty challenging making it through the last 18, my left buttcheek started cramping pretty hard!


Workout Recaps!

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Forced rest day – gym closed

30 thrusters (65lbs)
30 toe-to-bar (ttb)
400m run
20 thrusters
20 ttb
800m run
10 thrusters
10 ttb
1200m run

I finished in 28:15! This one was a slow burner, thrusters are a strength of mine, but the ttb totally kicked my butt!

15min AMRAP:
30 bicycle abs
15 slammers (20lb ball)
30 crossovers
15 slammers
30 sit ups
15 slammers
30 weighted crunch
15 slammers

I think I got just over 3 rounds. 

10 snatch @75lbs
10 clean & jerk @75lbs
10 hang squat cleans @75lbs

20, 18, 16….6, 4, 2
Weighted Lunges @95lbs
Ring Dips (w/black band)

I finished in 21:17.

4 Rounds:
20 burpees
30 box jumps (20″)
40 jump squats
50 mountain climbers

I finished in 34:15! This workout was a killer after Thursday!